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Collection of 10 Different Replacement notes inc

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Price: USD 49.99
Country : Egypt
Denomination : 0 ALL
Grade : UNC
Special : Replacement

Collection of 10 Different Replacement notes inc 4 Polymer

Replacement are Rare by default
Here is a collection of 10 different
Egypt 5 Piasters Mehilba #RA1 /Pick -190
Egypt 50 Piasters Mehilba #RD6 /Pick -58a sig. 17 1985
Egypt 1pound Mehilba #RE20/Pick -50 11/3/2004
Iran 5000 R Mehilba #RH21 /Pick -150 ND 2000
Nigeria 5 Naira Mehilba #RC24 /Pick -37a 2009 polymer
Nigeria 10 Naira Mehilba #RD32 /Pick -38e 2011 polymer
Nigeria 20 Naira Mehilba #RE28/Pick -34fe 2011 polymer
Qatar 1 R Mehilba #RA4 /Pick -20 2008
Zambia 500 K Mehilba #RI 11/Pick -43f 2008 polymer
Zambia 2 K Mehilba #RC 9 /Pick -new 2012
Grade UNC....
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Your Bidding on 1 set out of 11 sets each has 10 notes
But you can BUY more than one Set
Quantity 11

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Feel Free to ask about any information concerning replacement
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