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Egypt replacement 25 Piastres 1987, Mehilba # RC11

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Price: USD 20.00
Country : Egypt
Denomination : 25 PIASTERS
Grade : UNC
Special : Replacement

Egypt replacement 25 Piastres 1987, Mehilba # RC11, UNC

Egypt replacement 25 Piastres 03/05/1987
MWR , RC11
ص /200
Grade UNC
Sign 18 Salah Hamed
Security Thread 2

You will get Exactly What you See except that serial No may be different
Replacement are those Notes printed to replace error notes
Normally in very small quantity so they are Rare from the start

Replacement in Egypt was first introduced in 1967
and each denomination has a different Arabic Letter .
Replacements are the Arabic Letter alone or over 100, 200 , 300, 400